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William C. Meredith Co., Inc.


William C. Meredith founded our company in 1921 with a contract from Southern Bell to produce our patented "Mereduc" underground wooden conduit. In 1927, W.C. Meredith Co., Inc. began pressure treating wooden conduit, wooden cross arms, and utility poles with Creosote for telephone and electric utilities throughout the United States. In 1950, our company worked directly with Western Electric to develop a manufacturing process for an experimental Creo/Penta preservative and began treating with Pentachlorophenol. The company has been family owned and operated since its inception. Today, our primary business is manufacturing and supplying Pentachlorophenol treated poles to Bell South, Verizon, Forest Technology Sales, and many electric utilities and municipalities throughout the Eastern United States.

W.C. Meredith Company's reputation is founded in superior product quality and unmatched customer service. In 80 years of business, we have never had an early failure complaint. We have always been taught to build on a solid foundation; therefore, we treat our product as the solid foundation that utilities build their businesses on. Our goal is to manufacture a pole that will have a service life of 50+ years, not a pole that meets the minimum specifications.


Our primary supplier of white poles is Meredith Pole & Timber located in Fitzgerald, GA. We supplement that supply from several independent mills in Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama.

Our treating and distribution takes place in East Point, GA where we have 2 steaming and treating cylinders. The cylinders are 8 in diameter and 92 long.


W. C. Meredith Company maintains an average 60-day inventory in East Point, Georgia, and four yards in New York and New England. These inventories consist of all treated pole sizes and classes that are used by each of our regular customers.

White poles are trucked daily from the pole mills to our treating plant to cover any special needs and/or inventory shortages. Because we maintain a 60-day inventory of treated poles, we are able to make short notice treating schedule changes to cover a customer's emergency needs. Normal lead time for shipment from stock is two to three days; normal lead times for special orders is seven to fourteen days from order.


By Truck: Garland Trucking is our dedicated material hauler for the Southeast. All deliveries are made via boom-unloading trucks. Forest Technology Sales distributes our product in the Northeast quadrant of the United States.

By Rail: Our East Point plant is located adjacent to Norfolk Southern Railroads Industry yard and is serviced by daily switching.


At W.C. Meredith Co., Inc. quality is our top priority. We are equipped with our own laboratory to run all quality analysis required. We test 100% of the treated charges using Lime Ignition Analysis, which is the most accurate and reliable means for testing Pentachlorophenol retention.